Ancient Temple Ruins Wallpaper 5.07

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Observe in this wallpaper the ruins of an ancient temple that in its time was an important cult place.

Ancient Temple Ruins Wallpaper is animated and dedicated to nature, and more specifically to the ruins of a lost temple.

In times gone by temples were used as spiritual centres, forts and refuges in times of enemy attack. For this reason there are many ancient temples built in almost inaccessible places, like the one in this image. Times have changed, and now you can only see the ruins of what was a majestic and impressive temple.

In this Ancient Temple Ruins Wallpaper you can see the image of a large owl protecting the ruins, surrounded by trees and bushes making access even more inaccessible. Forget your work for a moment and relax observing this wallpaper, where you can also see animals like rabbits, doves and other birds flying in the sky.


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